Student Attendance Policy

This policy should be considered in conjunction with other relevant school documents such as Pastoral Care and Learning Support in order to gain a fuller picture of the school’s attitude to attendance issues.

St.Joseph’s College has a high expectation of attendance for all our students and it is expected that students achieve attendance of 95% and above in each academic year.


  1. Good attendance and punctuality are crucial to the effective delivery of the curriculum.
  2. Good attendance is essential for the academic and social development of students as well as making a successful transition into Higher Education and the world of work.
  3. Students should only be absent from school if the reason is unavoidable and upon returning from absence a student must produce a note of explanation from parent or carer.
  4. Close liaison between form teachers, Head of Key Stage, Senior Teacher and the EWO is maintained through the operation of a Service Level Agreement.

School Procedures


  1. In the event of a student being absent from school, parents are requested to telephone the school with an explanation. If we do not receive a telephone call or an explanation before 09.45am, an automated message will be sent to parents requesting a reply.
  2. If a student has been absent, a note must be submitted to the Form Teacher upon return (regardless of whether a phone call has been made).
  3. Students who are being monitored by Head of Key stage and EWO may be interviewed, and parents/carers contacted by telephone to establish reason for absence.
  4. St. Joseph’s College has a very proactive team who will intervene at different stages when students’ attendance gives cause for concern.  (Appendix 2)


  1. Any student requesting absence from school for part of a day or for a whole day must seek permission from his Head of Key Stage by bringing a note written by his parent/carer giving the reason for the request. This must be carried out during registration period only.
  2. It is expected that all students arrange dental, optical and medical appointments outside of school time. However if this is not possible a medical appointment card must be submitted when requesting an absence.
  3. Any student who has been given permission to leave school for any reason MUST sign out in the book provided in the school office. Upon his return the student must sign in again.

It is expected that any student who has been given permission to leave school for an appointment that this should not take up the entire academic day except in the rare exceptional circumstance.


  1. If a student is absent for an extended period, arrangement can be made to have work sent home with another student.
  2. Absent students must catch up on missed class work and find out if any homework has to be completed.


  1. Holidays should not be taken during the academic year.
  2. If this is unavoidable, parents / carers must request such an absence from the Principal in writing.
  3. Students who miss school examinations will not normally be permitted to sit examination papers on their return and teachers will not provide work for students who are on holiday during term time.


  1. In situations where there are significant concerns about a student’s attendance, a referral to the EWO will be considered. The procedures for this are set out in appendix 2.
  2. It should be stressed that, whereas this procedure will be followed for the majority of students, there may be occasions when individual circumstances dictate a different approach. At all times action will be taken, in consultation with the EWO, and relying on the teacher’s professional judgement, which is in the best interests of the student.