Health & Safety Policy

Health & Safety Statement:

Our school aims to ensure that all activities carried out on its premises or undertaken by its staff are managed in such a manner so as to avoid, reduce, or control, all foreseeable risks to the Health and Safety of any person(s) who may be affected by such, to a tolerable level.

General Policy Statement

In Furtherance of the above statement and the need to ensure compliance with all relevant health and safety legislation the school will pay particular attention to the provision of:

  • A Healthy working environment
  • A safe place in which to work with safe means of entry and exit
  • Appropriate management procedures and consultative arrangement to monitor and audit compliance with school Health and Safety Policy
  • Appropriate arrangements to assess and control the risks associated with activities undertaken at the school or by school personnel


Our school recognises that safe and healthy working practices are an essential part of the duties of all members of the school community and seeks to encourage employee and student participation in such practices.

However, it is further recognised that to have effective health and safety systems, teachers must recognise that health and safety management is an integral part of their role and that being part of management brings responsibilities.

The Board of Governors and the staff of the College are committed to the taking of all reasonable, necessary steps to safeguard students health and safety during authorised times on the college premises or during APPROVED college activities elsewhere.

Outside agencies/bodies will be welcome into the college to reinforce aspects of safety e.g. Fire Safety Officer, PSNI-Road Safety, School Nurse, Health and Hygiene and many more.

Students will be encouraged to exercise responsibility for their own safety and to be made aware of potential hazards to themselves and other students when in/outside the college.

We endeavour to ensure so far it is reasonably practical, the safety of all persons within the college by the staff working together to maintain a safe working environment.

Any defects in the premises, grounds or equipment which may involve risk will be reported to the Principal who will take the necessary steps, as far as it is possible, to have them repaired.

Fire Drills will be carried out to familiarise every one of proper procedures in the event of a fire within the college building. Notice of the Fire Drill Procedures will be displayed in each classroom.

We aim to ensure as far as practical, the safety of the students through adult supervision. Students will be made aware of the need for rules for safety. As safety is of great concern in the handling of equipment and materials and in regard to out-of college investigation, the staff will endeavour to ensure safe working practices.


  1. Members of staff will be on duty from 8.30am to supervise entry of the students into the college. Registration is from 9.05am to 9.15am. Classes start at 9.15am and this will be indicated by an electric bell. Students will line up outside the class room for their teacher to take them into the classroom.
  2. All students will be supervised at morning break by teachers on a rota basis and they will also be supervised at lunch time by the teaching staff and also by a member of the kitchen staff.
  3. Staff is committed to positive behaviour management and good order among students. Misconduct will be dealt with according to the college’s discipline policy.
  4. Bullying in all its forms (gestures, verbal, physical, exclusion, and extortion) will not be tolerated and students will be made aware of the need to report such incidents.
  5. All movement within the college building is at walking pace.
  6. At the end of the teaching day all students leaving the classrooms and leaving the college building will be escorted to the main doors by a teacher.
  7. During morning break or at lunch time any conduct considered dangerous to the welfare of other students may lead to the student’s withdrawal from the college yard for a given period.
  8. To avoid risk of injury to the wearer and to others items of jewellery should not be worn in the college.
  9. Any health problems affecting a student should be reported to the college. Students who need to remain in doors at break time/dinner time require a note from parent/carer.
  10. Accidents. Teachers to fill in WELB report form, for students who had an accident and forward the form to the WELB. In the case of injury requiring hospital attention, the parent/carer will be contacted as soon as possible.
  11. Outings. A consent form will be issued to each parent/carer giving details of the visit and this will be signed by them before the student goes on the visit. A risk assessment form will be completed by staff before any visit or college activities outside or inside of the college are undertaken.
  12. A number of other policies are available with the college. These policies are located at a central location and are available to any one who may request them.
  13. Fire Drill will take place once a term and will be recorded.
  14. Students will not normally be allowed to leave the college premises during the school day i.e. 9.05am to 3.20pm. Visits to the doctor, dentist etc. should be made if possible out side school hours if possible. If this is not possible the Form Teacher should be informed by letter from the parent/carer and a note will be issued to the student and this will be recorded in the book.
  15. All teachers are responsible for the safety in their class room, the floor must be kept clear at all times and exits must not be blocked.
  16. Teachers must think safety first at all times no matter what they are doing. The student’s welfare is of the utmost importance at all times.

Health and Safety Co-ordinator

Our school Health and Safety Co-ordinator in conjunction with senior management will have the following responsibilities:

  • To be aware of their own roles in regard to health and safety management;
  • Setting and monitoring appropriate health objectives for staff;
  • Ensuring appropriate health and safety information, instructions training and supervision is provided for staff and other under their control;
  • Implementing appropriate consultation and communication procedures;
  • To monitor the effectiveness of the implementation of the health and safety management system;
  • Ensuring that adequate resources are allocated to health and safety

Staff and Students

Within each subject department, members of staff have responsibilities to their colleagues and a duty of care for all students especially whilst undertaking practical activities.

Staff and students must ensure that they:

  • Take reasonable care of their own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by their actions
  • Co-operate with school on matters of health and safety
  • Do not interfere with, or misuse any item provided for health, safety or welfare purposes
  • Report to management anything that they consider a serious and immediate danger to health and safety and any shortcomings in the school health and safety arrangements.

Risk Assessment

All teachers must ensure that every activity to be undertaken has been subjected to a health and safety risk assessment prior to the activity starting. The assessment should describe the preventative and protective measures required to avoid, eliminate, reduce or control the risks identified to a tolerable level.