Educational Visits

Policy for Educational Visits

All arrangements for visits shall be in accordance with the Educational Visits, Policy, Practice and Procedure 2004 booklet.


All students are entitled to take part in an educational visit which forms part of the school’s curricular provision.  However, this entitlement may be withdrawn if a student fails to meet the schools expectations with regard to behaviour and/or hard work.

In support of our policy on promoting positive behaviour students who achieve the stipulated number of credits or demonstrate a consistently positive approach to school will be offered the opportunity to take part in rewards visits.

Before making any arrangements for a visit, permission must be obtained from the Principal.  When this permission has been granted the lead teacher must complete the St. Joseph’s College Educational Visits Application Form and return it to the Principal.  If the Principal gives his final approval for the visit to take place he will sign the completed educational visit application form and return it to the lead teacher.  At this stage the lead teacher must make a copy of the signed educational visits application form and return the original to the Principal before the visit takes place.

The lead teacher must carry a copy of the completed Educational Visit Application Form with her/him on the visit which includes a list of emergency contact telephone numbers for the duration of the visit.

In the event of an incident or emergency occurring during an educational visit the safety and welfare of the child is paramount.  The first priority should be to meet the needs of the child e.g. seek medical treatment etc. However, no contact should be made directly to the parent/carer.  All communication should be made through the Principal or when necessary the alternative designated emergency contact (normally the Vice-Principal).

A risk assessment must be carried out in advance of the educational visit taking place.

The Cook Supervisor must be informed at least five days in advance if you intend to take students on a visit which takes place over lunch time.

When a visit takes place over lunch time a packed lunch must be provided for those students entitled to free school meals.

The Vice-Principal must be consulted with regard to cover in advance of the Educational Visit Application Form being submitted to the Principal for final approval.

No student should take part in an educational visit unless:

  • A letter has been sent to the parent/carer informing them of the destination, purpose of the visit and time of return to school.  In normal circumstances all visits should return to the school.  However, in some situations it may be more appropriate to make alternative arrangements.  These arrangements must be made clear to parents/carers on the letter.
  • The parent/carer has returned a signed copy of the permission slip

Lead teachers should endeavour to include plans for educational visits on the published Staff Calendar to facilitate future planning.

In normal circumstances all students must wear the full school uniform when taking part in an educational visit.  Any deviation from this rule may only take place with the express permission of the Principal.