Blended Learning

A Blended Learning approach includes classroom learning and teaching combined with structured online learning. When your child is not required to attend school due to the rules around social distancing they should continue to complete work set by their subject teachers via Google Classroom. Teachers will upload resources/tasks for pupils to complete, pupils may be asked to upload completed work to Google Classroom or to bring it into school for marking. 

Below we have included links to the core applications, a quick start document, help guides and videos to support you and your child while working from home. If there is anyway way we can further support you please do not hesitate to get on contact. See contact information below.

Google Classroom

MY-SCHOOL is where you should begin! It provides you with a link to Google Classroom, Email, MyFiles and many more applications. The Quick Start document below will take you through the basic information you need to know! 

Google Classroom is an online learning platform which allows pupils to access subject resources in school and at home.

Quick Start

Help Guides

Quick Start

Quick Start

Read this Quick Start Document

This document contains information about:

  • How to logon to MY-SCHOOL, 
  • How to logon to Classroom, 
  • How to access Classroom Codes, 
  • How to access My-Files. 

Online Safety Support for Pupils

Online Safety Support for Parents

Online Safety
Online Safety Support for Pupils

Digital Technology and the Internet are fantastic resources for pupils to learn, play, create and connect. But it can also be a very dangerous place.  You will find some important information below regarding using digital technology in school and at home. 

 Help and Support

If you find something on the Internet or someone has made you feel sad or scared you should tell  your Mum, Dad, your carers, your Form Teacher, your Head of Year or a teacher at school. Also, we have provided you with other people you could contact to give you help! 

Online Safety for Parents

Digital Technology and the Internet are fantastic resources for pupils to learn, play, create and connect.  However, with the advancements in technology we understand that this can be daunting for some parents. Therefore, to support you in keeping your child safe when using the Internet at home we have included some useful document below:  

Guidance and Support